The Source Of Life Tree Tattoos And Meaning

The meaning of the tree tattoos loaded on by people throughout history and sacred meanings.

tree tattoo designs

Trees are the most important element of nature because they play an important role in producing the majority of the oxygen that living things need to sustain life on Earth. That’s why people have great respect for trees. Tree tattoos are also very popular among nature-conscious and environmentalists.

Tree Tattoos can symbolically express a lot of meaning. In Egyptian culture, trees appear as symbols of life and death, especially in mythologies. In Chinese mythology, the tree of life represents spirit and resurrection, and is also regarded as the home of the dragon and phoenix. In Celtic culture, trees are the symbol of fertility because they give fruit. The place where Buddha attained enlightenment was six of the so-called bodhi tree, so for Buddhists, the tree has a sacred meaning.

The tree of life, or the tree of life, has been used throughout history as a symbol of immortality and eternity in many cultures and mythologies. In many beliefs, it symbolizes the interdependence of living things and that we all belong to the same source of life. According to the belief of shamanism, the sky is made up of seven floors, the birds in their branches represent the souls of shamanism waiting on these floors, and those who fly are the souls of the dead. The tree of life is one of the most preferred designs as a tree tattoo.

Tree Tattoos generally; life, resistance, endurance, wisdom, strong family ties, commitment, loyalty, longevity, meaning a new life.

Tree Tattoos

long tree tattoo

“Character is like a tree and fame is its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is, and the tree is the truth itself.” Abraham LincaoIn

long tree tattoo
pink tree tattoo
small tree tattoo
woman back tree tattoo

Tree tattoos are the most preferred tattoo models of women on the back of the neck and back.

nape tree tattoo
lower leg tree tattoo
ankle tree tattoo ankle tree tattoo
man upper arm tree tattoo
female tree tattoo designs girly tree tattoo design
tree of life tattoo
wrist band tree tattoo wristband tree tattoo
geometric tree tattoo
dark forest tattoo
tree tattoo
woman back tree tattoo

A rooted tree tattoo represents your firm stance and that no power can wash you.

geometric tree tattoo
forearm tree tattoo
rabbit birds and tree tattoo
woman belly tree tattoo


geometric tree tattoo geometric tree tattoo 2
heart and tree tattoo
small palm tree tattoo

When every person sees the palm trees, the peace is filled, he becomes happy, and there is a feeling that everything is going well. Palm tree tattoos have the same effect.

palm tree tattoo
lower arm palm tree tattoo forearm palm tree tattoo
tiny tree tattoo
colorful tree tattoo
round tree tattoo
moon and tree tattoo
tree and elephant tattoo
woman back big tree tattoo
tree and flying birds tattoo
very long tree tattoo
ankle palm tree tattoo ankle palm tree tattoo
watercolor tree of life tattoo

The trees of life are symbolically depicted in round form as below and above. Tree of life tattoos are the most popular among tree tattoos.

tree of life tattoo
tree tattoos
tree tattoo
skeleton tree tattoo


man lower leg tree tattoo
tree tattoo wrist tree tattoo on wrist
woman tree tattoo
black tree tattoo
palm tree tattoos
tree tattoo ideas
tree tattoos tumblr tree tattoos
women back tree tattoos tumblr woman back tree tattoos
tree tattoos tumblr tree tattoos 2
tree tattoos nape tree tattoo on neck
tree tattoo
arm tattoo tree arm tree tattoo
tree tattoo with anchor root
woman belly tree tattoos
tree tattoo
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