40 tattoos of goblins, dwarfs and elves

Since they are particularly expressive and enveloped in the magic of the most popular legends of universal literature and are directly related to the world of dreams, the tattoos of elves, gnomes and goblins stand out in this environment. Undoubtedly, they are used as a symbolic image of the fantasy world, and for that reason, even if they show marked differences, they tend to be confused. Although each of them has unique characteristics and symbologies, they can all lead us into a bucolic or romantic world.

Who knows why these tattoos are usually chosen by women, even if you can not generalize, and there is also someone who thinks they have a dark side. On the other hand, they represent a world in which imagination and imagination are maximally expressed, so that we can benefit from a multitude of interesting drawings, usually from original illustrated books that are very detailed. To make sure the result is a high quality tattoo, we need to rely on a professional who is used to this type of work, especially considering the size of the tattoo.

If we decide to transfer our idea to a part of our body, we must also consider that there are a number of difficulties that depend on the movements of the muscle of the affected part, the size of the area, and so on. For this reason, it is very important to be advised by a specialist and his experience.

Of all the symbols mentioned, gnomes can be considered the most popular and are usually depicted among the mushrooms to remember their small stature. It should not be forgotten that gnomes are a kind of elven native to the Middle East adopted by Norse mythology, who represented themselves as little beings with pointed hats, causing the loss of human objects. They were well known for their tricks and jokes that sometimes involved darkness. For this reason, there is a fundamental difference to the elves, who never refer to malice and belong to the light field.

Elves are considered to be servants of the gods who were part of ancestral spirits associated with the world of fertility and became famous through Tolkien's books. They are characterized above all by their love for nature and as connoisseurs of all arts such as music, painting, poetry, etc. Nevertheless, it has always been known that these magical beings have a certain grudge against the way humans behave, since elves are undoubtedly pure.

However, you really need to be sure to choose a sprite, gnome or elf for our tattoo as our taste may change over time.

If you like fantasy worlds, this is the area that inspires you with these beautiful elf or fairy tattoos.

Elf tattoo 15

Big tattooed fairy in different colors of ink.

Elven Tattoo 09

Very realistic leprechaun.

Elven Tattoo 03

Little fairy with an apple in his hand.

Elf tattoo 22

Fairy on some letters.

Elf tattoo 32

Leprechaun with spear and shield.

Elven Tattoo 05

Fairy on a mushroom.

Elf tattoo 20

Big fairy in the back.

Elf tattoo 20

Elf tattoo 28

Fairy with butterfly.

Elf tattoo 11

Great fairy that covers the whole back.

Elf tattoo 12

Tattoo the face of a fairy and the face of a person.

Elf tattoo 08

Big fairy with butterfly wings.

Elven Tattoo 06

Very colorful leprechaun.

Elf tattoo 33

Little elf at the instep.

Elves Tattoo 01

Fairy with different names and a name.

Elven Tattoo 04

Fairy with the aesthetics of the bee with yellow and black colors.

Elf tattoo 10

Two great fairies on the forearms.

Elf tattoo 34

Elf tattoo 19

Fairy on a cliff.

Elf tattoo 16

Elf tattoo 29

Big fairy surrounded by butterflies.

Elven Tattoo 02

Elf tattoo 27

An even more childlike tattoo. This fairy is the character of Peter Pan, Trilli.

Elf tattoo 13

Elven Tattoo 07

Tattoo on his back.

Elf tattoo 35

Illustration of a fantastic scene in the background.

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