40 tattoos for the abdomen and lower abdomen

The abdomen is one of the largest areas of the body, so we have the opportunity to tattoo a variety of large drawings, although we can achieve good results with small figures. Since we have given a lot of space to the various body parts we can choose from on the blog, we are now focusing on our guts.

Unlike tattoos on the back, which are preferred by men; As far as the stomach is concerned, there is no clear trend. In fact, both men with good abdominals and women with a slim belly decide that a tattoo achieves a good result.

When we say that both men and women choose this part of the body, we have to specify that the latter often prefer smaller tattoos than men who choose big figures, sometimes even covering the chest. Women, no doubt, tattoo designs in detail in the lower abdomen, many opt for the right or left side, rarely for the middle, while some of them choose both sides of the hips with flowers or birds.

It's an area where some people (a little bit crazy) tattoo disrespectful or unconventional designs because there's the belly in the navel, an element that can interact with the composition we want to represent, like part of the body of an animal (without much effort we can understand which one). Or a figure that uses the navel as a central point, for example, a tribal strip that surrounds it and follows the shape of our body.

We have to say that this is an area with many advantages: it is very large and allows you to create large drawings, but also to create small elements in detail. it is not very visible, so it will be a bit private, but we can show it in the summer. It must be warned that this part can undergo great changes over the course of a person's life, as it is subject to faster weight changes or, in the case of pregnancy, the result may be even worse. If we select this area for our tattoo, we must do so carefully and focus on our lifestyle, as we do not want the composition to be irreparably damaged as a result of losing weight or losing weight.

We'll see a collection of tattooed images that offer many options for making large tattoos.

Belly Tattoo 24

Various designs this man wears.

Belly Tattoo 57

Big flower around the navel.

Belly Tattoo 39

Flower adorned with a small stone in the middle.

Belly Tattoo 55

Great skull with a clock and branches and birds.

Belly Tattoo 41

Small key to the sun.

Belly Tattoo 03

Grand climbing plant in the stomach and in the side.

Belly Tattoo 40

Funny movie character in the navel.

Tummy tattoo 12th

Funny monkeys in the stomach.

Belly Tattoo 21

Two eagles on colorful flowers.

Belly tattoo 01

Rounded shapes.

Belly Tattoo 22

A big Indian tattoo on the whole belly.

Belly Tattoo 09

Big weapon with fire flames.

Belly Tattoo 54

Beautiful rose colors.

Belly Tattoo 10

Great message in English.

Belly Tattoo 56

Beautiful tattoo of a tree.

Belly Tattoo 33

Belly Tattoo 50

Tiger head and panther.

Belly Tattoo 20


Tummy tattoo 47

Great weapon in the stomach.

Belly Tattoo 26

Strange design in the stomach.

Belly Tattoo 11

Belly Tattoo 49

A great eagle of colors.

Belly Tattoo 51

Skull with roses.

Tummy tattoo 36

Big letters in the stomach.

Belly Tattoo 17

Big butterfly in the belly.

Belly Tattoo 43

Strange drawing on this girl.

Belly Tattoo 16

Great Buddhist monk in color ink.

Belly Tattoo 38

TV screen with a strange character with open mouth.

Belly Tattoo 15

Strange character with a tiger.

Tummy tattoo 48

Belly tattoo 19

Two great cycles.

Belly Tattoo 27

Belly Tattoo 45

Belly Tattoo 08

A big Japanese tree with pink flowers.

Belly Tattoo 13

Great anchorage.

Belly Tattoo 14

Two colorful butterflies.

Belly Tattoo 31

Great climbing plant.

Belly Tattoo 44

Big Bird.

Belly Tattoo 04

Belly Tattoo 42

It looks like a claw wound of an animal.

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