38 key tattoos by Fa, Bass, Violin and Sol

The world of music undoubtedly plays a central role in the world of tattooing. They are two worlds that have always been closely connected. Just look at today's singers, as most of them show tattoos of different styles and styles. So, if we are closely connected to the world of music and music is our way of life, a treble clef or bass clef can be a good option if we have to choose a design.

First, we will focus on the elements attributed to the treble clef, which, as can be emphasized, is much more common than the bass clef. The treble clef, apart from its intriguing design, because it can be an element that attracts our attention with its curved shapes, has different meanings.

Of course, one meaning that need not be explained is the relationship between this key and music in general. On the other hand, the treble clef serves as a personal reference for identifying the notes, which means we can distinguish the different notes and their different sounds. Therefore, the key in G can be linked to a guide as the key to our lives, who can distinguish between one thing and another and identify with our reference in our life path. Therefore, through this project, we can demonstrate our interest in music, but also convey a deeper meaning, making music a referential element of everyday life. Music plays a central role in our lives and for some people it is the solution to their problems.

The bass clef is, as mentioned above, a less representative element of the treble clef, although this does not mean that it has not spread in these years and is no longer present. but it is more original than the treble clef because so many people do not know the design. There is also a new trend in bass key tattoos, where we see two opposing keys that give life to a heart shape.

It must first be noted that the bass clef corresponds to the most stringent notes that will undoubtedly be related to certain instruments such as the bass. Therefore, we can see that the people who tattoo this button are due to playing one of the instruments using the bass clef.

As we have seen, both the treble clef and the treble clef are great ways to demonstrate our relationship to music and the meaning we give in our lives. We've already said that the bass clef can be more original than the treble clef (because it's less known and therefore less tattooed), but the meanings are completely different and we need to adapt our design to our needs or preferences.

If you like music, this is your department. Keys, notes, pentagram … There are many girls who opt for this tattoo design, as their passion for music is discreet tattoos that do not attract much attention.

sunny key tattoo 39

Small tattoo wearing this girl in the neck.

sunny key tattoo 23

Colored sol key on a pentagram.

sunny key tattoo 36

Big clef beside different notes.

sunny key tattoo 17

Sol's key and does at the wrists.

sunny key tattoo 01

sunny key tattoo 11

Another little tattoo in another body part.

sunny key tattoo 03

Another little tattoo in another body part.

sunny key tattoo 07

Sun keyboard 24

Small tattoos behind the ear.

sunny key tattoo 32

sunny key tattoo 25

Beautiful tattoo a pentagram beside the text of a song.

sunny key tattoo 08

sunny key tattoo 05

Great solkey in the forearm.

sunny key tattoo 04

sunny key tattoo 06

sunny key tattoo 34

More tattoos on leg and ankles.

sunny key tattoo 14

sunny key tattoo 29

30 key sun tattoo

Sun Key Tattoo 22

sunny key tattoo 13

These tattoos are small and discreet, for those who want a tattoo but do not want anything big.

sunny key tattoo 27

sunny key tattoo 37

sunny key tattoo 19

This is great in contrast to what we saw above, as the sol key is accompanied by a note on paper and a large microphone. For music lovers.

sunny key tattoo 10

Small tattoos of the hand fingers.

sunny key tattoo 26

sunny key tattoo 20

sunny key tattoo 18

At the instep. Keys from Sol and Fa.

sunny key tattoo 35

sunny key tattoo 21

Different sounds on the back of the ear.

sunny key tattoo 33

Key from sol on a star.

sunny key tattoo 15

sunny key tattoo 16

sunny key tattoo 12th

At the end we had another tattoo with sol keys and a leg.

sunny key tattoo 02

The key to the feet ends in a heart.

sunny key tattoo 38

sunny key tattoo 28

Nice tattoo on the neck with different words.

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