30 Magic Tattoos of Wizards and Witches: Gallery

This time we will talk about tattoos with drawings of magicians. This type of tattoo can be very beautiful and striking, especially if it is made by the experienced hands of a good tattoo artist. Whether it's sorcerers with traditional design and style or more modern and well-known wizards in today's society, such as those in the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings saga, this type of tattoo has become increasingly popular over the years. Take a tour of our extraordinary gallery of tattoo images with drawings of wizards and wizards. We assure you that you will be enchanted!

Tattoos with sorcerer and magician drawings are considered to be a kind of tattoo that could not be otherwise fantastic, and the designs of these tattoos are usually worn by people who are very interested in this fantastic subject. Mages can also be chosen by those who practice magic or have a certain passion for the art. Although the tattoos of mages are not on the podium of body art trends, they manage to create truly amazing designs and create beautiful tattoos.

Wizard tattoos can be drawn in many different ways. This type of tattoo may show a wizard with realistic features or tend to have a cartoon style. These designs of magical tattoos can also depict the character with different moods and thus show disturbing wizards with proud or happy and fair expressions. These assistants illustrated in these various designs may also be accompanied by a variety of different symbols and elements. In this way, the wizard tattoo can contain elements such as the wand or the scepter, a crystal ball, a magic wand, a magic hat, a sword, or a spellbook, to name but a few of the most common elements.

Tattoos of sorcerers and wizards can have many meanings. These tattoos can display both negative and positive concepts. Some of these concepts depend on the type of magician or wizard depicted in the tattoo. But basically, as with most tattoos, tattoos with drawings of magicians indicate what the person wants from them. The most common meanings, however, refer to the terms magic, mystery, occultism, power, intelligence, fantasy, malice, destruction, revenge and many others.

These tattoos can be chosen by representatives of both sexes, although there is a certain majority among the boys who choose this type of tattoo, which can be found in many sizes, shapes, styles and colors. So they can be tattooed almost anywhere in the body.

If the magic has reached and inspired you with this gallery, it is likely that you are thinking of getting a tattoo of that kind. If so, always remember that it is advisable to turn to specialized centers where professionals can achieve perfect results for a lifelong body art work.


On this first photo we see a wizard with a hood, from which very long hairs come out. The striking thing about this tattoo is that the entire design is in gray and some blacks, except for the magician's eyes, which are light blue, so I like it a lot better.


In this second image is a magician with a stick, a hat and a skull. It's not the best of this gallery, I'm sure.

Photo 02-2492

The first image of this gallery is a magician who writes a book with a very large pen. We also see a candle and several tribals tattooed below. A design that takes up most of a man's arm.

Photo 03-2495

Photo 04-2498

Photo 06-2504

Photo 07-2506

Photo 08-2509

Photo 09-2511

Photo 10-2514

Photo 11-2517

Photos 12-2519

Photos 13-2524

Photos 14-2530

Photo 15-2533

Photos 16-2536

Photo 17-2541

Photos 18-2544

Photo 19-2550

Photo 20-2553

Photo 21-2554

Photo 01-2490

Photos 22-2556

Photos 23-2559

Photos 24-2560

Photos 25-2561

Photos 26-2562

Photos 27-2563

Photo 28-2564

Photo 29-2565

Photo 30-2568


Popular body regions

The most common areas are back, legs, chest, shoulders and arms.

The most commonly used colors

As you can see in the pictures, blunt colors like gray and black are most often used.

Is it a female or male tattoo? Much more common in men.
Are you big, medium or small? Medium or large size.
Symbols and meaning

A magician is associated with magic, the supernatural, the mystical, and anything far removed from our reality.

difficulty These are usually large drawings that take longer than normal.

The point of view of a girl

Perhaps these tattoos are among those I least like, not because I believe the projects and designs being made are ugly, because I recognize that there are real works of art in this gallery and you can make beautiful drawings , But the world of magic is neither a world that pulls me down, nor something that interests me very much. For this reason, the mages' tattoos for me are a little-known category, of which I can not express my full opinion, since I do not know the subject. As a tattoo lover, I can say that there are spectacular designs, but no one would choose me to create a tattoo.

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