150 tattoos on his back: a magnificent collection

Given that our bodies are practically a kind of cultural mirror in the society in which we live, we can understand why tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in order to become an essential element of our person.

On the other hand, we can say that the back is one of the areas of the body where more tattoos are made for men and women, although there are differences in size, theme, and layout. An example of this is the popular tattoo of rapper Curtis James Jackson, who has tattooed his entire stage name, 50 cents, on his entire back.

One of the reasons why people choose this part of their body is undoubtedly the sexy touch that this type of design can give, without forgetting that there are other very important benefits too, such as being able to easily cover it to become clothes. Although we have to take into account that the visibility of the tattoo depends on its size. Undoubtedly, the back is one of the largest areas, the skin is the softest and thickest, while the flat surface makes it possible to draw any type of drawing with minimal pain, even if it is complex. However, we must take into account that the pain depends on the sensitivity of the person and the size of the tattoo.

Another advantage of tattooing is that you will not get tired of the tattoo because we can not always see it, just thanks to a mirror. The tattoos that you choose for your back are different, for example, there are letters, butterflies, characters, skulls, flowers, tribal motifs, notes, stars, animals … This choice largely depends on whether it is the person one is a man or a woman. In addition to these reasons, we must mention that the back is very popular because the general culture believes that there are other hidden symbols and meanings. Of course this depends on the chosen design.

But there are people who believe that if you tattoo your back on a client, you really do not want to make a decision, that is, you are more reserved and insecure. Aside from that, we can usually confirm that there are some more concrete reasons why an individual decides to dye his back, for the aesthetic value or the ease with which he can be covered. We also remember that many people choose to tattoo sentences that have a great meaning in their lives or serve as a backbone for the things or people behind them that have made their success possible.

A collection of tattoos made in the back. It is one of the largest body parts and gives us many opportunities for tattooing. Men and women choose this part of the body to create great designs on the skin.

Here we see tattoos of all kinds, the body part of which is common: the upper recurrent part of the back area, very common and obvious to be tattooed.

Back tattoo 32

Let's start with this beautiful tattoo of an eagle, which takes the central part of the back of this person directly between the shoulder blades. The design is in light colors, with sepia tones predominating.

Back tattoo 20

Tattoo of a large flower in the lower back of this girl, in the left lumbar area. This flower looks like a lotus flower, and the style of the features resembles Indian tattoos. Everything only with black ink.

Back tattoo 35

A large number of flowers vertically cover the entire back and follow the path of the spine. It's a very artistic tattoo whose style is reminiscent of tribal or Hawaiian features.

Back tattoo 47

Colorful tattoo of a large Hawaiian flower, just the hibiscus, accompanied by some tribal and geometric shapes. This flower is done in light pastel tones and black ink was used for the remaining tattoo elements.

Back tattoo 46

This girl has tattooed her entire back with a phrase of several zig-zagging elements, with nuts, fruits, stars and weird flowers with skulls in the middle, just to name a few.

Back tattoo 39

Japanese fish and other decorations. This tattoo takes in addition to the back and a part of the arms. No doubt, it's a tattoo full of details that uses every part of this boy's back to showcase a beautiful body artwork.

Back tattoo 01

In the following picture, this girl shows us her tattoo of a small hand of Fatima in the neck. In this case, the hand is pointing downwards, contrary to what we generally see, upwards. Nevertheless, the direction of the hand is better adapted to the natural shape of the neck.

Back tattoo 02

A big snake, a tiger and a goat. These are the protagonists of the beautiful tattoo that shows us this boy and practically takes his whole back. The design consists entirely of black ink and various shadow effects.

Back tattoo 56

This tattoo looks very good to me. A huge phoenix of light color with its beautiful feathers that almost completely occupy that person's back. The intense and vibrant colors of this design as well as the attention to detail make it a very artistic picture.

Back tattoo 29

The following drawing shows a great dragon or an unknown mythological creature that completely occupies the back of this boy. Although it is made only with black ink and shades of gray, the size and fantasy style of the tattoo make it special and will not go unnoticed.

Back tattoo 26

This girl has several tattoos. A very realistic heart, where we see veins and arteries, colored wings and a butterfly; and on the side a big green octopus.

Back tattoo 18

Scene from the movie of the Lion King. It seems to me a very nice tattoo and almost everyone remembers a movie that undoubtedly shaped his childhood.

Back tattoo 03

Wings and tribal forms in the upper part of the back, which occupy the area of ​​the trapezius muscles and reach up to the shoulder blades. For the production only black ink was used.

Back tattoo 17

Women usually use the lower back, just above the buttocks, to get tattooed. It is an area that offers the opportunity to make great designs and go unnoticed in everyday life.

Back tattoo 31

Dragon and tribal forms in the middle. It can be assumed that this tattoo is relatively new, because the skin around the tattoo is still red due to the tattoo process.

Back tattoo 09

Chinese script accompanied by flowering cherry branches. A nice contrast to the cherry blossoms, with bright colors, Chinese characters, with a simple black color.

Back tattoo 08

This girl shows us her big tattoo with Chinese characters or "kanji", which accompanies a flowery rose with its leaves and a few sweeping strokes to create a more artistic result.

Back tattoo 21

Large monarch butterflies ranging from the lumbar spine to the right breast side of the girl. The drawing is made only with black ink.

Back tattoo 34

We have already seen this tattoo in other sections. It seems to me to be a very original and beautiful tattoo. From a spring come little birds that seem to fly all over their backs.

Back tattoo 12

In the following drawing we see the tattoo of a spinal column with two wings, which occupies the entire person's back and is executed in sepia shades and shades.

Back tattoo 53

Back tattoo 30

Another dragon that covers the entire back.

Back tattoo 45

This tattoo is very strange, but it is a great job. It seems that the skin is a top showing the underlying skeleton.

Back tattoo 24

This girl is wearing a tattoo decorated with shiny stones.

Back tattoo 28

Back tattoo 54

Back tattoo 25

Big rose in the lower part.

Back tattoo 15

Man with wings. Very nice

Back tattoo 44

Original this design.

Back tattoo 14

Bamboo sticks.

Back tattoo 52


Back tattoo 42

Big snake surrounding an apple tree.

Back tattoo 37

Back tattoo 04

Back tattoo 49

Some messages on the back and others that you can not see well in the lower part.

Back tattoo 38

A big cross with tribal motifs.

Back tattoo 07

Back tattoo 43

Buddhist monk.

Back tattoo 23

Back tattoo 11

Set of tattoos.

Back tattoo 36

Back tattoo 41

Very realistic is this tattoo of a man smoking a pipe.

Back tattoo 22

Big cross with wings and Roman numerals.

Back tattoo 40th

Geisha and other Japanese designs.

Back tattoo 48

Wings to a message in English.

Back tattoo 51

532 back tattoo

Back tattoo 531

Drawing of an eagle on a wolf and a bear, along with feathers of Indians.

Back tattoo 515

Back tattoo 546

Back tattoo 538

Back tattoo 542

501 back tattoo

Tattoo of a warrior angel crushing a devil. Indicates justice.

Back tattoo 524

Back tattoo 528

Back tattoo 543

Back tattoo 545

Back tattoo 516

Purple flowers accompanied by tribal designs.

Back tattoo 529

Simple drawing of a sun with tribal features, very common and not very original.

Back tattoo 526

Photograph of a flower that seems to mimic the shape of a water lily with a butterfly in the center, a little small compared to the real flower.

505 back tattoo

Complex design that looks like a display case and a gargoyle, a very original design with a good result.

Back tattoo 511

Two snakes around a kind of fruit and with different leaves around.

Back tattoo 544

Large shield that covers most of the back with very thin and well-executed strokes.

Back tattoo 537

A cross with the Star of David on it, which is therefore somewhat contradictory, unless it meant the union of religions or something similar.

522 back tattoo

530 back tattoo

508 back tattoo

Butterfly in purple tones accompanied by tribal designs.

520 back tattoo

Picture of a decorative element without much difficulty.

510 back tattoo

The very elegant design of this image, a very accurate and balanced design.

512 back tattoo

Design of a kind of shield with a central element that adds a little color to the monochrome style used.

534 back tattoo

Drawing of two sailboats sailing in rough sea.

535 back tattoo

Two characters, measured by Chinese clothing and features, with a very detailed background.

Back tattoo 533

Tribal Design is located in the central area of ​​the back.

509 back tattoo

Drawing a kind of decorative element with central elements, the pearls violets that attract our attention.

506 back tattoo

Dragon in black and red tones, a somewhat psychedelic result that may be attractive to some people.

539 back tattoo

Large flower in delicate tones that give an elegant result.

Back tattoo 541

Purple lotus flower with an inscription in an unknown alphabet.

Back tattoo 527

Back tattoo 513

503 back tattoo

Several flags in the lower back of the girl.

Back tattoo 518

Asian dragon in purple colors, which occupies the entire back.

Back tattoo 548

Star with tribal influence in the lower back.

Back tattoo 548

Flower in the middle of the lower back, surrounded by leaves and other artistic motives.

Back tattoo 549

Drawing of two crossed pistols with the message "I'm your Huckleberry" ("I'm your Huckleberry").

Back tattoo 514

Because of the way the picture was taken, the picture is too dark and we can not say for sure what it is about.

Back tattoo 523

Blossom with tribal lines, even when she is behind, she is not tall.

Back tattoo 519

Strange design that seems to be unfinished as it occupies only part of the back and you can see lines where other parts of the design have already been depicted.

507 back tattoo

Tattoo of the upper back 1001

This tattoo is full of references to the Japanese world: for example, the figure in the center, in Japanese called "kokoro" refers to the heart. Below, we also find the sol key.

Upper Back Tattoo 1023

Upper Back Tattoo 1031

This design is so large that it not only occupies the upper part, but also the entire back. It is a half-naked angel with big wings.

Upper Back Tattoo 1046

Upper Back Tattoo 1032

Upper Back Tattoo 1053

The figure may have the shape of a tombstone, which ends in the lower part in the shape of an anchor and has wings in the upper part. It says "Mom".

Upper Back Tattoo 1016

Upper Back Tattoo 1037

Tattoo of the upper back 1030

Upper Back Tattoo 1036

Realistic and elegant tattoo of a samurai holding her sword.

Upper Back Tattoo 1013

Upper Back Tattoo 1022

Tattoo of the upper back 1033

Classic sun tattoo divided into two, imitating the Ying and Yang symbol.

Upper Back Tattoo 1055

Upper Back Tattoo 1025

This design at the top of the back contains the message "Hello Soul", accompanied by flowers and other artistic lines.

Upper Back Tattoo 1049

Upper Back Tattoo 1057

Tattoo of upper back 1008

Upper Back Tattoo 1043

Tattoo of the upper back 1009

Tattoo of upper back 1004

Tattoo of upper back 1002

This design takes the entire back. Contains images of several women, a skull with a Mexican sombrero, roses, etc.

Upper Back Tattoo 1058

Tattoo of the upper back 1006

The upper back tattoo is a key with initials and the message "Je t'aime toujours" ("I love you always").

Upper Back Tattoo 1048

Upper Back Tattoo 1040

Upper Back Tattoo 1021

Impressive tattoo of a robot with bright colors. Very "geek" tattoo.

Upper Back Tattoo 1041

Tattoo of the upper back 1019

Tattoo of the upper back 1005

Upper back tattoo 1056

This man tattooed the word "indestructible" in his upper back.

Upper Back Tattoo 1026

Tattoo of the upper back 1003

Upper Back Tattoo 1014

Upper Back Tattoo 1015

Upper Back Tattoo 1029

Upper Back Tattoo 1010

Koi fish drawing surrounded by flowers.

Upper Back Tattoo 1038

Tattoo of the upper back 1039

upper back tattoo 1000

Upper Back Tattoo 1045

Upper Back Tattoo 1047

Upper Back Tattoo 1034

Drawing of a pineapple cut in four by two knives with falling juice.

Upper Back Tattoo 1054

Upper Back Tattoo 1018

Tattoo of a totem, which is a being, an animal or an object to which the religion of a tribe refers.

Upper Back Tattoo 1035

Upper Back Tattoo 1020

Tribal designs with an eye inside.

Upper back tattoo 1012

Upper Back Tattoo 1050

Upper Back Tattoo 1044

Upper Back Tattoo 1024

Upper Back Tattoo 1027

Upper Back Tattoo 1028

Butterfly wings design with the names of Ariel and Katrice tattooed below.

Upper back tattoo 1051

Upper Back Tattoo 1017

Tattoo of the upper back 1007

Tattoo of a faun, one of the oldest and most famous mythological creatures.

Upper Back Tattoo 1052

Upper Back Tattoo 1011

Upper Back Tattoo 1042

Tattoos we saw in this section are authentic works of art.

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