129 tattoos of sentences, fonts and words

Many people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but not everyone agrees, and there are likely to be many people who totally oppose this idea. We can include them in the category of those who tattoo words, sentences or entire texts, believing that such a choice can fully reflect what an individual thinks about their lives.

There are big differences in this type of design as it is possible to make tattoos, or just a simple word, a small sentence, or even an entire heel that occupies most of our skin. Words are a way to define our personality or our way of thinking. They are among the most common we can find: family, love or friendship. Although it is possible to use some kind of innovation and tattoo other words that are not that common. On the other hand, this is a design that can easily adapt to other elements such as figures or small objects such as stars, hearts or musical notes.

Another example of this category are small sentences. Thanks to this we can express more concrete ideas than with a single word. One of the great advantages of these compositions is that they have a visually good result and can be easily placed on countless parts of our body.

With long texts or paragraphs much more concrete ideas can be expressed in this case, be it a piece of a song, a poem, a book, a film or simply a text invented by us. In contrast to short words and sentences, such fits Tattoo does not adhere well to any area of ​​the body and must avoid overcrowding the area of ​​the selected skin, as it can give rise to a very long paragraph a visually poor result, if there is not enough space.

A variation that we can make in this category is the choice of language with which we tattoo the chosen text. If we have a special relationship to a particular culture, we can use that language to tattoo it and thus demonstrate the closeness to that culture. We'll also give it a more mysterious sense by designing a language that few people know, or a more personal style if we change the font used for writing.

Regarding the position of this tattoo we have, as already mentioned, a wide choice, because we can decide on a variety of body areas. For example, due to the simple adjustment, the extremities, the shoulder, the abdomen and the wrist. For these reasons, which we have emphasized so far, it is a good choice if a person believes that this tattoo, in addition to a profound meaning can also provide a good result.

A phrase by a well-known philosopher, a phrase that has deeply influenced our lives or that we identify with. You can tattoo all this so you can always wear it on your skin. We will see a picture gallery with very interesting tattoos, in which we can find many sentences in different languages.

If you're one of those who dare to tattoo something in another language, fearing not knowing if you're actually tattooing the true meaning, say that this situation occurs more often than it seems. So, if you want to be sure what they wear in leather, here's a gallery of 129 tattoos with expressions of truth.

Phrase Tattoo 33

This girl wears three words tattooed with a star.

Phrasentattoo 28

This guy has several tattooed messages. One in the trunk and the other in the arm.

Phrase Tattoo 49

Set of tattoo on his back.

Set of Tattoo 44

Small sentence in English.

Phrasal tattoo 27

This guy tattooed the whole page with big letters.

Set of 55 tattoo

Small and simple tattoo.

Set of 12 tattoo

This is vertical, which takes up almost the entire back.

Phrase Tattoo 31

English message on the bottom.

Phrase tattoo 18

Tattoo with Arabic letters on this girl in the neck and back.

Phrase tattoo 46

Very richly decorated tattoo on the arm.

Phrase Tattoo 22

Tattoo on the arm with big letters in Hebrew.

Set of tattoo 06

Small letters for a great message on the arm

Set of tattoo 32

Set of tattoo 52

Phrasentattoo 38

This girl has her back in Hebrew letters.

Set Tattoo 48

The famous embassy of Carpe Diem, decorated with two crosses.

Phrase tattoo 51

Set of 08 tattoo

This guy takes a sacred verse aside.

Set of tattoo 23

Phrase tattoo 29

Set of tattoo 54

More tattoo than Carpe Diem.

Phrase tattoo 25

Original of this tattoo, which is a weapon with the words of its interior.

Set of tattoo 24

Smaller on the wrist.

set of 50 tattoo

Set of Tattoo 47

Phrasentattoo 36

Embassy of encouragement on the side.

Set of Tattoo 17

Phrase Tattoo 07

English sentences with different ornament patterns.

Set of tattoo 09

Phrase Tattoo 03

Another message in Hebrew.

Set of tattoo 04

Set of 10 tattoo

Phrasal tattoo 15

Set of tattoo 05

As we can see, boys and girls choose sets in the body of the tattoo.

Phrase tattoo 45

This single tattoo is legible when you combine the two wrists. Very original.

Phrase Tattoo 26

Phrasal tattoo 16

Message written in a long parchment.

Set of 30 tattoo

Set of tattoo 11

This girl is taking a set tattooed on her upper chest.

Phrase Tattoo 13

Small message on the wrist.

Set of tattoo 01

Phrasal tattoo 56

Tattoo on the foot.

Set of tattoo 39

Another on the wrist. Discreet and pleasant.

Photo of tattoos with latin truth phrase

08 tattoos

English and German are the most convenient languages ​​for tattooing

19 sets of tattoos

02 sets of tattoos

Phrase on the back. If you do not understand, take the translator.

20 sets of tattoos

More pictures of sentence tattoos in different body parts.

12 sets of tattoos

04 set of tattoo

Decorate your tattoo with a scroll or a star

01 sets of tattoos

03 tattoos

Tattoos with truth sentences can be titles or song lines

03 set of tattoo

Famous phrase in the forearm

07 set of tattoo

More photos with more tattoos of this type.

09 tattoos

17 sets of tattoos

Photos of tattoos with truth sentences in the arm of a man

24 sets of tattoos

23 sets of tattoos

Most are very long sentences with many tattoo letters.

13 tattoos

18 sets of tattoos

05 tattoos

Photos of tattoos with truth sentences on the arms and forearms of men

11 sets of tattoos

04 tattoo phrases

07 tattoos

10 tattoos

Tattoos with truthful sayings on the back

05 tattoo phrases

09 tattoo phrases

The arms in males are the ideal place for real tattoo phrases

04 tattoos

21 sets of tattoos

Other tattoos of long and short sentences.

02 set of tattoo

14 tattoos

12 tattoos

22 sets of tattoos

Original tattoos with truth sentences in other languages

06 tattoos

16 tattoos

Latina is one of the languages ​​used in tattoos of truth sentences

10 sets of tattoos

The legs of men and women are suitable for tattoos of truth sentences

16 sets of tattoos

05 set of tattoo

Photo of the back tattooed with phrases made in 2016

02 tattoos

06 set of tattoo

15 tattoos

Photo of the breasts with the phrases of truth tattooed in black ink

01 tattoos

Clavicle or scapula

07 tattoo phrases

Decorate your tattoos with sayings of truth with other tattooed designs

11 tattoos

15 sets of tattoos

Tattoos in the area of ​​the ribs with truth sentences

06 tattoo sets

Images of forearms tattooed with truth sentences in black ink and in different languages

08 tattoo phrases

14 sets of tattoos

13 sets of tattoos

Images of tattoos with truth expressions adorned with flowers. Tattoo on the side.

03 sets of tattoos

25 sets of tattoos

Full back tattoo with a set of truth

01 set of tattoo

tattoo texts written 548

This person has the name "Cheyenne" and a date.

tattoo written texts 552

tattoo written texts 541

This girl wanted to get the word "vegan" tattooed

written text tattoo 567

written text tattoo 536

The Rist of this girl is covered with a German message and a heart at the end.

written text Tattoo 562

tattoo written texts 544

This girl has a semi-circular message in purple tones on the back.

tattoo texts written 546

written text tattoo 568

Egyptian symbols on the back of this boy.

written text tattoo 557

written text tattoo 551

This boy has the name Thomas in his arms.

written text tattoo 538

"Dream aloud" message on a spiral and a star.

tattoo written texts 543

written text Tattoo 531

written text tattoo 539

written text Tattoo 565

written text tattoo 569

Message made with one of the Japanese alphabets ("Hiragana") that covers this boy's forearm.

written text Tattoo 540

written text tattoo 559

tattoo written texts 550

written text tattoo 537

Drawing of the character of Marvel "Batman".

written text Tattoo 533

tattoo texts written 549

570 written text tattoo

written text Tattoo 556

This man has a tattoo on his lower lip.

Tattoo with written text 532

"Hope" is also one of the most popular words for tattoos.

written text tattoo 558

tattoo written texts 545

written text tattoo 553

written text tattoo 566

written text tattoo 561

This design emphasizes the horse with the word "bird" ("bird")

written text Tattoo 564

written text tattoo 563

tattoo written texts 547

written text Tattoo 554

This drawing contains the word "soul style".

560 written text tattoo

written text Tattoo 535

written text Tattoo 555

tattoo written texts 542

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