116 tattoos with fire flames

One of the best ways to add strength and a touch of passion to a design is to add fiery flames. Although the latter may be the protagonist of the tattoo, without the help of other accompanying elements.

Fire was a central element in many cultures and the protagonist of numerous rituals. It has to do with so many elements, including change, timing, destruction or strength. One meaning that I find very interesting in this article is that Fire was considered a destroyer of negative things and is responsible for taking them with them. For example, when the flames rise to the sky and bring with them wishes, prayers or problems. So we can say that it is an element that can renew our life, eliminate evil, or bring good.

As we have already seen, both positive and negative elements have been attributed to the fire. On the one hand, it is attributed to negative connotations, such as the destructive power or the ability to eliminate everything on its way. On the other hand, there are positive meanings associated with fire, especially when presented in a controlled manner, as it can warm us on a cold winter's night or light in dark moments. For this reason, fire is a very interesting element that combines the negative with the positive. Therefore, we should take care of the design to decide if we want to show one side or the other or both.

These two connotations of fire can be found in different cultures. On the one hand, the flames meant hope, a sacred and renewing element, a light against the dark, a spiritual guidance. For other civilizations, however, it was associated with sin and temptation, as it was the main element in hell.

In any case, the drawings depicting the flames have a strong meaning with positive and negative connotations; They can also adapt perfectly to a variety of tattoos and give the composition more power and passion. One of the elements that accompany the fire are the cards, which have a different meaning than if only the flames appear. When these two opposing elements are put together, they serve to represent destiny and the game, that is, luck, winnings, and money.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a design with a strong meaning that can be easily adapted to different body parts and combined with other tattoos to a good result, you can make a tattoo of flames. It is important that fine features be created while the selection and use of color become the main actors of the figure.

Fire is an element that symbolizes transformation, destruction, passion and sacrifice. Usually it destroys what is on its way, and this symbolism is well reflected in tattoos that contain flames.

The flames are supposed to cover up other motifs and patterns and thus give more power and expressiveness or symbolize other aspects.

1005 fire flame tattoo

For example, this wad is in flames.

1029 fire flame tattoo

1040 fire flame tattoo

Small typical fire flame design.

1006 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1016

1027 fire flame tattoo

Flames tattoo with a deep red color.

1021 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1018

Fire Flame Tattoo 1007

Tattoo of two human figures surrounded by black and red flames.

1034 fire flame tattoo

1020 fire flame tattoo

1001 fire flame tattoo

Skull with swords and flames on the top.

Fire flame tattoo 1010

1026 fire flame tattoo

Design with more drawings: a laughing dog with a mustache holding the black billiard ball and a pin-up girl from the other hand. We also find dice, poker chips, a pin-up girl on a horseshoe, a few letters, etc. Everything is surrounded by flames in intense tones.

Fire flame tattoo 1017

Drawings of two lotus flowers in purple / blue shades with yellow and red flames. Each flower is tattooed on both calves of this boy's legs.

Fire Flame Tattoo 1015

Drawing by Picchiarello, whose head ends in flames.

1023 fire flame tattoo

1002 fire flame tattoo

1038 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1013

1004 fire flame tattoo

1022 fire flame tattoo

Muffin design with a candle in which the flame is lit.

Fire flame tattoo 1014

1033 fire flame tattoo

1000 flames fire tattoo

Drawing of a butterfly where the flight leaves a trail of fire, made with orange flames.

1039 fire flame tattoo

1039 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1019

1035 fire flame tattoo

Drawing of the sun in the colors yellow and orange. Contains the sign "Fire" ("aki") in Japanese, although it is a bit blurry and hard to see.

1024 fire flame tattoo

1032 fire flame tattoo

1009 fire flame tattoo

1028 fire flame tattoo

1037 fire flame tattoo

1030 fire flame tattoo

1008 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1011

1025 fire flame tattoo

Terrible burning skull.

1003 fire flame tattoo

Fire flame tattoo 1012

1031 fire flame tattoo

Shapes that mimic flames in green.

1067 fire flame tattoo

These flames, for example, are very aesthetic on the leg of this woman.

1043 fire flame tattoo

1044 fire flame tattoo

A skull in red and yellow flames.

1049 fire flame tattoo

Small drawing of a flame with a funny face.

1061 fire flame tattoo

1050 fire flame tattoo

1052 fire flame tattoo

Here are some blue flames on the shaved head of this man.

1056 fire flame tattoo

1051 fire flame tattoo

1060 fire flame tattoo

1071 fire flame tattoo

Drawing of some flames with the word "koibito" ("friend / girlfriend") in one of the Japanese alphabets.

1070 fire flame tattoo

Tattoo of a black star on red flames.

1057 fire flame tattoo

1058 fire flame tattoo

Design of a burning wheel.

1068 fire flame tattoo

1065 fire flame tattoo

1059 fire flame tattoo

Tattoo with different skulls on fire.

1045 fire flame tattoo

This tattoo contains the OM symbol surrounded by 4 elements: earth, fire, water and air.

1042 fire flame tattoo

A blue lotus flower with flames on the top.

1066 fire flame tattoo

1054 fire flame tattoo

1047 fire flame tattoo

Terrible design of an angry skull with flames around

1046 fire flame tattoo

1063 fire flame tattoo

1048 fire flame tattoo

1053 fire flame tattoo

Winged and burning heart.

1062 fire flame tattoo

The Phoenix designs are usually made with flames around them.

1064 fire flame tattoo

Design of an electric guitar with flame halo

1055 fire flame tattoo

1041 fire flame tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1106

Fire Flames Tattoo 1114

Flame designs are usually made in rich, warm colors like red, orange or yellow. Flames in other colors are rare. In this case we found these green flames.

Fire Flames Tattoo 1107

1085 fire flames tattoo

1095 fire flames tattoo

1074 fire flames tattoo

Three-headed symbol surrounded by fire.

1075 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1073

Heart surrounded by fire and water.

1094 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1091

1110 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1097

Small flame pattern in black ink.

1112 fire flames tattoo

Drawing of a skull with flames from the upper part, which extends over the man's forearm.

Fire Flames Tattoo 1105

Fire Flames Tattoo 1078

Drawing of a skull covered with black ink flames.

1100 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1108

Fire Flames Tattoo 1116

Drawing with burning eyes with a tribal motif.

Fire Flames Tattoo 1090

Fire Flames Tattoo 1103

Tattoo of a scarecrow with halloween pumpkin as a head on fire.

Fire Flames Tattoo 1109

1092 fire flames tattoo

1089 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1104

Fire Flames Tattoo 1077

1087 fire flames tattoo

1086 fire flames tattoo

Three shamrocks in flames

1084 fire flames tattoo

The famous character of Popeye with firefighter clothes putting out the fire.

1081 fire flames tattoo

1099 fire flames tattoo

1080 fire flames tattoo

1088 fire flames tattoo

1098 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1079

Drawing where we see a woman with bright blue eyes holding a burning skull.

1076 Fire Flames Tattoo

1082 fire flames tattoo

Fire Flames Tattoo 1072

Fire Flames Tattoo 1117

Fire Flames Tattoo 1113

1083 fire flames tattoo

Tattoo with the symbol of the firefighters, accompanied by geometric red flames.

Fire Flames Tattoo 1101

Fire Flames Tattoo 1115

Fire Flames Tattoo 1102

Fire Flames Tattoo 1111

1096 fire flames tattoo

Incredible drawing of a Chinese dragon in warm tones covering the back of this man. We do not see the flames.

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